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Addiction one sheet.pdf
A very successful, breakthrough in ending addiction!
An Inexpensive, Guaranteed-Permanent End To Alcoholism, Drug Abuse and Addictions.
Plus I have 3 personal tie-ins to recent headlines about this:
Sly Stone being homeless (I am a former member of his band);
Michael Jackson (my cousin was his producer in Michael's formative years in the Jackson 5);
Amy Winehouse and "The 27 Club" (based on my own celebrity status as a member of very famous bands);
The CDC report of more drug overdose deaths than traffic fatalities in 2009 - 37,485, plus 75,000 alcohol poisoing deaths per year (therefore this is a HUGE problem ... which I have a solution for.)

Music one sheet.pdf
Dennis Marcellino can add music to your show!
• He can sing
The Lion Sleeps Tonight (as a former member of the band who had that hit - The Tokens - and which he's re-released on his "Daddy's Home" CD) and/or play sax from one of his 6 solo CD releases (including an international top seller and from a new release of mostly up beat songs titled
“Onward & Upward”.)
• Nearly every radio and TV interview that he’s done has music from his CDs playing in and out of the segments.

Unemployment one sheet.pdf
A 10-Phase Plan that Guarantees ZERO Unemployment
in the country

Marriage solution one sheet.pdf
My 3-Step Plan for how to prevent divorce
and make a marriage work
(What I finally learned after 2-1/2 failed marriages)

Sex Addiction one sheet.pdf
Why “sex addiction” is NOT an addiction.

Parenting one sheet.pdf
Understanding the 5 Reasons why kids do “bad” things
(instead of reacting to them)
will help you guide them into a better way
(What to do when grounding your kids doesn’t work anymore)

Teen marriage one sheet.pdf
The Solution to STDs and unwanted teen pregnancies:
teen marriage

Solutions one sheet.pdf
The simple solutions to our political problems ... that the politicians and commentators aren’t seeing or saying

THE PROOF one sheet.pdf
Scientific Proof That God Exists And The Bible is all true and is objectively, pragmatically and provably
the best manual for how to operate life

Foreign Policy one sheet.pdf
How To REALLY Have Homeland Security
(the lesson we should learn from 9/11)
and why our foreign policy is not worth one more
life, limb, broken family or trillions of dollars.

Meaning of life one sheet.pdf
Show hooks/segment lead-ins: Do you ever question if what you believe in or follow is REALLY THE Truth?
Our next guest says that his book THE PROOF can give you a strong confidence that God does exist and that the Bible is all true and is the best handbook to pattern your life and the society after.

Being that Baby Boomers are growing closer to death now, many of them are rethinking the values that their generation came to and questioning if they were the best ones and what their Creator will think approvingly of.

Most of the mainstream is in denial, disinterest or myth about a person's predicament regarding death and the afterlife. What we need to do in order to fulfill the reason why we’ve been made to be alive ... and to be assured of a great afterlife. Not preachy. Objective, scientifically proven, and not requiring “belief.”

Women one sheet.pdf
It’s often said that “women are hard to understand.” Our next guest, who is a man, says that women are easy to understand. But his experience says that a big problem is that many women don’t understand themselves, or men.

Male-female one sheet.pdf
From “April Love” to “Jersey Shore” - How male/female relationships went from ‘all about the heart’ in the 1950s to
‘all about the body’ today.

Understanding God one sheet.pdf
I don’t think that many people REALLY understand God,
what He’s up to, why He allows evil and tragedies,
causes natural disasters and diseases, and
why He caused us to be alive.
Objective, scientifically proven explanations
... not requiring “belief.”

Blacks and women one sheet.pdf
Liberals, who pride themselves as being liberating-champions for “blacks” and women have, instead of causing liberation, have caused “blacks” and women to be entrapped
in a “politically-correct” lifestyle that has
brought a lot of pain to their lives and families.

Science myths one sheet.pdf
Scientific proof that science fiction is being taught in public schools as science fact and also promoted as such on television. And then people hear it enough and believe it (making them “believers” and not scientific).

The Plague Of Liberalism one sheet.pdf
EX-liberal, Top Musician Explains and Proves:
• How liberalism is based on myths
• Proof that it is hurting our nation
and is extremely dangerous
• How it is a “plague” caused by a disease called “freedom addiction” (which is what motivates people - especially activists - to promote it)

Bulleted, Dramatic, Personal Bio
Show Segment Idea
(In chronological order)

• I was born in 1948 and had a normal growing up in San Francisco in the ‘50s and early ‘60s.

• I got married and went to college in 1965 at age 17

• I became a musician, then a hippie with a famous music career (Sly & The Family Stone, The Electric Flag, and The Elvin Bishop Group)

• I used drugs (all kinds) and alcohol for 18 years

• I had a number of “bad trips”, including one that caused my wife to have to go to a hospital and soon cost me my marriage.

• I became an alcoholic to cover the pain from 4 years of agoraphobia from bad drug experiences and “free love” (that is, sex outside of marriage).

• I sought help in many forms of psychology, with psychiatrists, in Scientology, (19 different approaches to lifestyle, problem solving and personal growth in all) but nothing worked…including the 12 Step “higher power” and “willpower/behavior modification” approaches.

• I decided on suicide in 1980 because of the intense emotional pain from a breakup. (A miracle stopped me)

• Following the Bible DID work…and has for 29 years

• I don't now call myself a “recovering” alcoholic or drug user … because I'm an EX alcoholic and drug user. Alcohol and drugs are too harsh for my level of sensitivity now and therefore not enjoyable.

• I've been living a life of deep fulfillment and great purpose for 29 years now…which has been manifesting as a writer, speaker, media personality and musician.

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